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How to create an army set

Player’s game set (PGS), or army set, is a custom set of units and heroes which can be used in multiplayer games (hotseat, online or PBEM - play by email). In PGS player specifies which units will be available to produce, which units he will receive from ruins and as mercenaries, which heroes will come etc.

At the main screen where you select your 'side' to play, click on the round circle icon at the top of the side. That will pop open a menu allowing you to select a custom set, edit one of existing ones or create a new one.

Here a view of the PGS editor window is presented:

In the Armies column you can select armies that will be available for you in the game.

  • Regulars - armies which can be produced in cities.
  • Mercenaries - armies which can be hired for money or got as a quest reward.
  • Allies - armies which can be found in ruins, got as a quest reward, or come with a new hero.
  • Ship - determines what kind of a ship will use your armies to travel across water.
  • Heroes - heroes which will offer you their service. It is more likely that a new hero will be of a class from one of the first slots (exact percentage is 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% for slots 1-4 correspondingly).

In the Data column you can set various parameters your side will have.

  • Stack Limit - determines a maximum size of your stacks.
  • Mercenaries - set a scull there if you want to receive mercenary offers from time to time. Otherwise you’ll be able to get them only from quests. If you want to remove mercenaries completely, set all the mercenary slots to blank. Blank field resides at the end of the army list. You can start blanking out armies from the last filled slot. Allies and regulars also can be cleared that way, though it is not much sense in this.
  • Sell Items - switch this on if you want to have an ability to sell items your heroes have during the game, to get some gold.
  • Money - amount of gold you get at turn 1.
  • No Mana - you will have no mana and thus will not be able to cast spells.
  • White Mana - you will receive mana from your cities which generate white or gray mana, and also from mana crystals you can get in the game.
  • Gray Mana - you will receive mana from all mana-generating cities of your ownership and from mana crystals.
  • Black Mana - you will receive mana from your cities which generate white or gray mana, and also from mana crystals.
  • Max Mana - the size of your mana pool. You cant have more mana than max mana, unless you get mana crystals (each crystal increases Max Mana limit by 1 and gives 1 mana per turn).
  • Mana - initial amount of mana.

Press OK button to save changes to your PGS.

Customized side is marked with the orange star sign:

Army set files

Army sets are stored as files under [Your Darklords folder]\PGS path. You can pass your PGS file to your opponent who will setup a game, or receive a PGS file from your opponent and use it to setup a game by yourself. Just copy his file to the game’s PGS directory, and his army set will appear in an army sets list in the game.

Additional units and heroes

There are two sets of additional game content made by fans: Stormheim units (armies) and K4 heroes. These are commonly used in multi-player games. K4 heroes is a more balanced version of standard heroes and are used in place of them. Stormheim units (abbreviated as SH) are used along with standard units. You can download them from (or use these direct links: K4, SH).

After you’ll open packages, move content of sub-folders to the corresponding folders in the game directory (UNITS, HEROES, SPELLS). After that additional units and heroes will be available to pick in the PGS editor in the game.