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How to set up a PBEM game

To set up a game, you can use scenario or generate a random map:

Computer players are usually switched off, 2 human players are left (1). It is an unspoken rule also, that your opponent should lead - his player number should be lesser than yours. E.g. you set yourself to be player 5 (green) and your opponent to be player 3 (orange). So he will move first.

Click the 'gem' icon (2) to set name and PGS for you and your opponent. You can create a new PGS for you or select one of existing. To be able to set your rival’s PGS you should save a .PGS file he sent you to [Your Darklords folder]\PGS\ directory. Clicking a shield allows to customize it (3). Change shields appropriately.

Set game options (4) similar to those specified in your challenge. You can specify options whatever you like though most players prefer these:

  • City Setup:
    • Custom city setup
    • 1 city
    • Choose capitols
    Otherwise capitals will be placed randomly and most likely that placement will be unfair for one of players, or they will be placed too close.
  • For army setup, either 1 Per City or Custom, 3000 Army Points option is used most often.
    NB: Custom Army Setup option can not be used at the same time with a Hidden Map option for a PBEM game, as this will lead to crash.

Dont forget to switch a EMail option (5) on!
Finally, press Begin Play (6). Game will ask you to fill in players’ emails and names, and a name for the game also. Then you’ll be asked to place capitols. Place them in opposite corners of the map, trying to provide players equal (as possible) start conditions. Number of nearby ruins, cities, roads, surrounding terrain should be taken into consideration.

After that, a first turn file is generated. It resides under [Your Darklords folder]\Email\ path. Zip it and send to your opponent.

Good luck!