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21 03 2012

FAQ section added to the Library

There are three FAQ articles so far. Articles explain how to create an army set (PGS), how to play by E-Mail and how to host a PBEM (E-Mail) game.

19 03 2012

Notice about challenges

It was found out that sometimes email notification is not sent when someone challenges you. So it is recommended that you will check incoming challenges at a respective page (Account->Challenges menu option) from time to time.

11 11 2011

The Last Citadel opens its gates

Challenge and rating systems are working now! You can challenge other lords at the Warlords page. Monitor ongoing battles and incoming challenges at the Battles and Challenges pages, available from the Account menu. If defeated, use the Resign button at the Battles page to confirm your opponent's victory.

Read more about the Last Citadel opening on the Warlorders forum.